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Kaputian Beach Park Resort

Kaputian Beach Resort

Kaputian Beach Resort

Just a 15 minute boat trip from Davao City is Philippines numero uno beach hub. In here you’ll find paradise at its finest.

Kaputian Beach Park Resort is one of the great Resorts that Samal Island has. This resort is operated by the local government of Samal. The resort is located just with in the Southern coast of Samal Island. The resort takes pride with its authentic talc like sand and crystal clear blue waters that stand among the many resort in this island.

Samal Island is dotted with so many scenic spots good for photo shooting, diving, snorkeling and many other water sports. One of the good spot around it’s vicinity is “Kaputian Beach Resort”. This resort has its natural touch up to this day. Surely nature trippers will enjoy its natural touch.

Price matters when you decide an escapade. This resort offers good amenities in very minimum price, one escapade that you will surely enjoy without actually piercing your tight budget for holidays.

There are few restaurants outside the resort that will surely fill your taste buds with mouth watering sea food delights. And don’t worry about the corkage’s if you plan to bring some of their delicious foods and drinks inside the resort. There are no extra charges, so just feel free to bring it inside.

This is a must try resort; with its strategic area located just within the vicinity of Samal’s Poblacion, this one will surely trim down an unexpected expenses and will leave enough for some souvenirs and extra food. Don’t you like that budget safe kind of resort? Where else will you go for cheap yet soothing and natural getaway? It’s only here at Kaputian Beach Park Resort.

The Kaputian Beach Resort offers both native bungalows and dormitory for those who wish to stay overnight at a very reasonable price. The structures of all cottages are facing in the west side to give a breathtaking view of the nearby Talicud Island.

One will surely have an amazing stay in this resort. It’s a safe haven since it’s the local government of Samal who manage this resort.

Summers is near and if you plan to visit a perfect summer getaway this summer, take this resort into your consideration.

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  1. ygrain says:

    been calling your landline but we cannot contact! how can we make reservation? thanks…

  2. rhiza may alilaya says:

    Kindly send to us your rates, we will be having an educationalfieldtrip in your place (Katipunan Beach Park Resort)…

  3. garnet gemma says:

    how could we contact you? we are having an educational trip can we ask your rates? about 75 people will be on the trip. thank you so much

  4. plz put some contacts to your resorts

  5. Kalawag Central School says:

    may we know your contact number? we have considered your place as our destination for our teachers’ trip. more or less 130 teachers are expected to attend.

    Thank a lot. Keep us posted as soon as possible.

    In case, 064-201-3138

  6. pls give me contact number asap

  7. sheryl says:

    can i know your latest rates especially for overnight stay and cottages.. asap tnx :-)

  8. need some flyers

  9. bonjoefel says:

    can I know how much is the rental rate of your cottage?

  10. can you send me the rates for overnight stay..And contact number as well. Thanks….

  11. hello poh.. can you pls send me your contact # 4 reservation?… pls send asap.. we’ll have d reservation dis week..”,)

  12. gud day,
    kindly send me ur contact detalis so as to contact u.looking for a place to go to,we wl be having a bday party in ur place this coming dec 10.hoping to get in touch with u the soonest.
    thank you and more power

  13. JANNA says:

    hi,pwd ask if magkanu ang rate,,cottage,,intreance,,corcage,,,at iba pa,,,magkanu ba ang overnyt na my unli..tocen,,vedio ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. grace says:

    may i inquire on your rates? affordable room accomodations for 5 to 6 person. your meal packages? your entrance fee? were planning to stay for 2 days 1 night.

  15. Good day! pls. send me your contact #..landline or cellphone.thanks

  16. can i know your latest rates especially for overnight stay and entrance fees. .kndly txt this # 09488384041. .I really need your urgent reply!

  17. crisdan says:

    pwede mag ask , magkano ba nag rent ninyo sa kwarto na na mag kasya sa mag 10 tao .. mag cr at shower na ba ? magakano din ang inyong entrance .. gusto ko sana .. mag rebook ako txt mo nlang ako o9o98712810

  18. ano contact number nyo? how much ang boat fare from sta ana warf

  19. karen enriquez says:

    Good day!!!

    ask ko lng magkano ang entrance niyo den ang cottage??/kasi bukas mag overnyt kami sa resort niyo.wait ako sa reply niyo.Thanks

  20. Carla R. Asilo says:

    We are a family of 4 looking for a place to stay overnight and relax in Samal District. Can you give me info? Thanks!

  21. mary grace mabayo says:

    gud am.po tanong ko lang mag kano ang entrace at cottage nyo,may corcage ba,pede b huminge ng tel. nyo.

  22. Denis says:

    please send me a contactnr the nr i used 4 years ago dont work anymore thanks

  23. good day will you pls send to me your overnight cottages rates? we will be having a birth day celebration to your resort this week.
    as soon as possible please send it to my number 09077381350 thanks!

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